5 Reasons Why You Can’t Throw a Baseball 90 MPH

These days there’s a lot of Baseball players capable of throwing 90 MPH, but there’s still a lot that struggle to hit this mark. Why?

Well, here’s a few reasons that may be affecting you:

  1. You were told that long toss is bad for you. Everyone loves their own opinions, as well as pointing to research that backs those opinions up. Here’s a great article from Kyle Boddy on the subject.
  2. You’re focused on pitching mechanics. Every coach just loves to put his own personal viewpoint on how a kid throws from the mound. Unfortunately it rarely actually helps a kid throw harder.
  3. Your workouts consist of throwing from the mound and running poles. Start focusing on strength, mobility, speed, quickness and agility instead of jogging. Graeme Lehman has some great content on this. We will be discussing this subject more soon, but Driveline Baseball and Lehman’s Baseball are pretty darn good reads.
  4. You just focus on hitting your location. The fact is – most young players were taught that location is more important than velocity, which is absolutely silly. No, it’s not. Throw the ball at the target as hard as you can. Just getting it in there is not a good idea for kids wanting to continue their career in college or pro ball.
  5. You don’t throw enough. Yep, a lot of players talk a lot of “grind” nonsense, yet they’re rarely out throwing and working on their craft. Throw more often and you’ll see a difference in your velocity.

Take a look at the list and ask yourself if any of these issues are your problem. Be honest with yourself as well.

Throw more, throw hard (at a target), start lifting (correctly), work on mobility (especially thoracic and hips), work on SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness), etc. Stop allowing excuses to get in the way of your dreams.